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Wine Recipe Database and Other New Features!

I haven’t posted in almost 2 months – but the work on has been constant! I’ve added so many new features which include a wine recipe database, directory for homebrewing clubs and wine making clubs, and Google Map searching!

As you are well aware – is new – and so it takes time to build up our content and functionality of this site to reflect my original dream. A FREE Online homebrewing recipe calculator, brewing log, with access to other homebrew recipes, wine recipes mead recipes — as well as a directory of local homebrewing supply shops for making your own beer or making wine at home — and homebrewing clubs and wine making clubs to help you brewer/wine maker find a nearby club to join. I have made good on parts of that dream over the last two months.

Free Wine Recipe Database

The wine and mead recipe database is in place! I am new at making my own wine and mead – and wanted to have a place where I could share the recipes I have tried or created. If you have a recipe you want to share – you can share your wine and mead recipe with the community FREE! Simply register on the site and you can list your own wine recipes!

Google Map Custom Search

Going to visit the in-laws and want something to do while you’re there? Use the new Google Map Search to find brew pubs within 5 miles of where you’re going! It’s very easy to use and plugs into all of the listings we currently have available! New to homebrewing and want to find a local homebrew supply shop or find wine making supplies close to where you live? Use our custom Google Map search to find those homebrewing supply shops!

Homebrew Clubs & Wine Making Clubs

I have added pages for homebrewing clubs and wine making clubs. Do you belong to a brew club? Then list your homebrewing club or wine making club for free on and get more exposure and members for your brewing club!

There is so much more coming in the next few months on – so be sure to bookmark us and visit again!