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When I first wanted to get into homebrewing – I had a very hard time finding a local homebrew supply shop.  I found a couple that were 45 + minutes away – but after one visit I didn’t care to return.

As a homebrewing newb – I had no idea where to start, what to expect, what to look for, or anything.  The first shop I went to – I felt as if there was no time for me.  I also had no idea where, if any, homebrewing clubs were around me.

I finally found Zymurgy Outfitters Homebrew Shop in Oregon, WI.  It was nice to be able and just talk about homebrewing and ask all the “stupid newb” questions I had and get respectful answers (Thank you John!).  He was also very helpful in altering various recipes as to my request.

So why not make a nice searchable directory of homebrewing shops that people can use to find the closest to them.  So I did! I’ve also expanded it to include homebrewing clubs, wine clubs, breweries and microbreweries, brew pubs, and wineries.

Now I want to be able to create my own recipes and easily estimate the beer’s profile before brewing.  I found plenty of options on the web.  Some “worked” but left much to be desired.  Some were confusing to use.  And it seemed the nice ones always cost money.

So why not make a beer recipe database that allows users to easily create, share (or keep private), search home brewing recipes online…. and for FREE!  So I’m buiding one!

By building this – I expect to learn much more about the styles of beer and effects of various ingredients may have.

I want Foremost Brewing to be for the brewing community.  I want your opinions on the various homebrew shops.  Share with your fellow homebrewers a great recipe – or which shop to stay away from because they overprice everything.

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  • Caron Giamichael:

    I entirely love brewing beer at home! It has been such a great hobby. My family has been encouraging, but most especially while its time to try my latest recipe. I was surprised to learn that it is actually the deep hoppy brews that I prefer. Just wanted to say thank you for the advice you’ve left along the way, its been helpful.

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