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New Habits I've formed

There are many habits that contribute both positively and negatively to your weight and overall well being. Here’s a few I’ve adapted that have really helped me.

1. I generally walk between 3-5 miles,approximately 5 times a week. This one is easy. Get a dog. Ceasar Milan – AKA the Dog Whisperer – says the key to good dogs is exercise! A dog that is pooped out is ready to be obedient! We also generally walk after dinner, a little longer than the morning because we’re not on a time crunch.

The wife and I are up at 6 A.M. and walking the dog for about an hour almost every day. Even weekends. Before we got a dog, we’d be lucky to be up by 7:15 to leave for work at 8 A.M. It’s a lifestyle change that we both enjoy.

2. I don’t eat out for lunch at work anymore. Well not never, but definitely not everyday like I used to! I take a salad to work everyday and eat at work. Yeah, sometimes you need a break, then take your salad to the park! Just don’t eat that 2 cheeseburger meal, even if it is a good deal. It adds up – in pant sizes and weight scale gasps! Plus, I actually look forward to having tuna fish on my salad… just my quirk.

3. Drink Water – Well, sometimes I don’t always do this, but it sure helps, especially during the diet. I tend to chug a whole liter bottle of water (filled from home) with lunch. It won’t fill me up right away, but within 10 minutes, I forget I’m hungry…. which is also why I eat at work… easier to forget I’m hungry!

4. No TV!!! – That’s right. I don’t have cable. To cheap to want to pay $100 a month to sit and be lazy. Find a hobby! Looking forward to yard work this summer/spring at my new house… beginning backyard astronomy… soccer with the dog… shoot hoops, going for a walk with my wife and dog. Granted they’re not the most flashy things, but I enjoy them.

5. Eat a breakfast. Just to get something in my stomach so I’m not so ravenous at lunch time. Whether it’s a piece of toast and a hard boiled egg, or scrambled eggs with cheese…. just eat SOMETHING.

What I am learning is it’s finding something enjoyable to bide your time in, and if it makes you think or you can share it with someone it makes it even more worthwhile. It helps change your perspective on things… not trying to sound high and mighty… just what I’m learning that works for me.