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Progress has been made – I promise!

I just noticed I haven’t posted here since late October — gosh! I’ve been working on the site at least 4 days a week! That and things have been extremely busy – my wife gave birth to our wonderful baby boy (our first child!) — and he was 2 months early!! So it has been busy and exciting!

Here’s some of what I have done in the meantime:

I’ve added all kinds of new features such as Homebrewing and Winemaking clubs.

I have completely revamped the custom search to be faster and more efficient.

I have begun to add homebrew and winemaking supply shop listings for Canada

Added a complete Social Networking type members section

Changed some layout and aesthetic features through out the site. This was evident from a forum thread at Midwest Supplies.

I appreciate the feedback. Especially since I’m not a real “graphics” guy. I usually dress myself unless it’s a nice occasion – then my wife dresses me!

I have re-embarked on the recipe database – this time – I figure – to start basic and we’ll work mor into it. I want to get something out to you and your feedback is welcomed!! Click here to share your thoughts on Foremost Brewing.