New Members In My Family

Life just isn’t complete without a dog! This statement is more true than most of you will probably believe. In Early March, Krista and I set out to find ourselves a new dog.

Our original intentions were of grabbing up a Lab of some sort. We went to the Rock County Humane Society to interact with a few. Well, labs are known for their energy and willingness to run, and it showed. We took two different dogs out to play in the fenced in yard and both were more interested in running around and had no interest in us what so ever. Not what you want, a dog to take outside in the country and watch him run away like in Funny Farm with Chevy Chase. (I recommend this film!)

At anyrate, Krista wanted to take out this little female Pit Bull mix. With original hesitation I said OK. She was adorable, and I couldn’t help but only say “We’ll take her!” So Racha (as in “La cuca racha”) has become a member of our family.

I know a lot of you are saying “A PIT BULL!?!?! DON’T YOU WANT TO HAVE KIDS SOME DAY??” And my only reply is, bad dogs are bad dogs. Every dog is that, a DOG first. Bad Pit Bulls come from bad owners!

We had Easter with our entire family at our new house. We had 11 children there all under the age of 10. There were 3 babies uner 8 months of age!! Racha was the most calm, gentle, and loving dog. No jumping on the guest and VERY gentle around the babies. Not bad for a puppy around 6 months!!!

Well, Krista won our “bowling bet” of getting 6 strikes in a game – so I owed her a dog! (We made the bet about 2 months before we got Racha, and kept the bet alive. I didn’t think she’d get 6 strikes).

That being said, we check out many dogs between the Dane County Humane society and the Green County Humane Society. While all have wonderful dogs, we ended up going with a handsome 4 – 5 month old Border Collie!. He is also very gently, and unlike most of the dogs, wasn’t overly pushy when it came time to meet another dog. We picked him up yesterday (April 22, 2007).

We call him Remo (ree-mo) but I’m not sure how we spell it… Guess it really doesn’t matter, he’ll never spell his name! But his name was Primo at the humane society, so we dropped the “P”, so it could be “Rimo”, you’ll have to ask the boss, Krista.

So that’s life currently in the new Walker household. 2 puppies under 7 months! But it’s great!

As a side note: If you’re looking at adopting a pet, please check out the humane society’s first. They do have wonderful dogs that need loving homes. And if you feel you’d like to donate, my suggestion would be Green County. The appear to have the least amount of funds available to them, and it shows in their building. It’s small and downright old. THEY NEED IMPROVEMENT!! So if anyone with some money to donate, or knows anyone with extra money (7 people from Kevin Bacon!) please donate that way or to other shelters like that. Dane County has a wonderful building thanks to a $10 MILLION annonymous donation. The nice facility helps reflect on the personnel and animals!

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