Where we currently stand

I love brewing beer and I love tools to help me brew better beer. What I HATE is paying money for some of these tools! If you’re like me, you spend enough of your hard earned money on the tools for the trade… burner, boil pot, parts for a cheap and easy mash tun, and other homebrewing equipment, that you just don’t want to spend $20 more on a tool to store your recipes.

If you are still reading, I am sure you feel the same, so FREE IT SHALL BE!

As stated in another blog post, you can read about the current specifications here for the online beer recipe management system. The plan is to get some sort of beta version available on the site.

Possible Development Stalls:

Real Job – I’m Owner/Partner/Lead developer at Foremost Media – so work may get in the way.

Work On Other Sites – what stemmed this idea was the current work my business partner and I do for hunting – his passion

  • Foremost Hunting – a directory for the hunting sportsman. (Much of the same technology and community that is aimed for this site)
  • GameBirdHunts.com – the site that started it all. A portal aimed at the upland bird hunters out there.

Real Life – my wife is pregnant with our first, and real life issues should always take a precedence

Currently I am in “alpha” stage, where a user can create a recipe and calculate SRM, ABV, ABW, Potential OG and FG, IBU and other good stuff. Be sure to check out the homebrewing glossary page to know what these terms mean.

It’s in alpha because I have not converted that to be able to work with this website. I plan to take on that challenge within the next week or two.

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