Loving Beer and Life

It’s amazing how fast time can fly. Seriously — it’s days from June – I’m a heartbeat away from turning 33 – and my son is now 3 months old. Gawrsh!

I start to feel bad when I don’t accomplish as much as I would like in a week on ForemostBrewing.com – but this project is very much alive! Unfortunately – most of the improvements have not been with the homebrewing recipe database.

That project is far from dead also. I honestly get decent time to work on this wonderful homebrewing site – and it really motivates me as I see people register and/or use the site to contact local homebrewing supply shops, wineries, brew pubs, etc.

So what have I accomplished? Well, I’ve been implementing a lot of “sugar” for your homebrew shops, brew pubs, wineries, breweries, etc.

What do I mean? Well – the idea of ForemostBrewing.com is to help you find the tools you need for making great beer and wine and to help you get in touch with those that can help YOU!

I would appreciate if you would tell your local brew pub, homebrew supply shop, winery, etc about us. We are a FREE source for them to help advertise themselves. All of the listings you see in the directory has the ability for you LHBS owner to control – and add/edit the information best for them.

I want to help the homebrewers, and the home brew shops! It’s my hobby to help bring this to you!

To steal from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. — “I have a dream” that one day American’s will turn from their lame taste of lite beer and enjoy the goodness and efforts of ones who care – and realize that light beer is to “beer” as rice cake is to cake!

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