Birth of a Beer Recipe

Experimented with my first recipe formulation and brewed it last weekend. I can’t say this is the best approach – but I was excited and needed to brew something.

My approach? – I simply listed all the grains and hops I had in the house. I knew I had enough ingredients to make a general beer. Even though we’re still awaiting the results of our “Yeast Test” (brewed 12 gallons of beer & split into 4 different 3 gallon batches w/ different yeast) – I have faith that it’s not royally messed up.

I have to admit though – the one area I feel most unsure about is my hop selection.  I can’t really put a mental taste on what types of flavor & aroma to expect from the various hop varieties.  I did find some explanations – but come on!! Earthy?  That tells me it tastes like a mouthful of dirt!  At anyrate – this is one area I know I do need to brush up on.

I did add 4 pounds of raspberries to my primary during fermentation and may add more once racked to the secondary.  I’ll have to taste it though.  I’ve read enough back & forth in various forums on the web that I’ve come to the realization that no matter when you add them – someone will argue and say you should have done it differently.  So anyone who’s against me adding 4 pounds of frozen raspberries to my primary fermenter…. well… you can’t have any then!

I’ll try to rack to secondary this weekend and let you know how it’s coming!

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